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Deacon Damiyan Borgoary was ordained as a Priest on 4 February, 2024, at Bl. Michael Rua Catholic Church, Bengtol, Assam, by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Thomas Pulloppillil D.D., Bishop of Bongaigaon. He is the First Pauline Priest from Assam, the Second Priest from his home parish. The bishop, representing the apostolic succession, imparted blessings upon him, invoking the Spirit of God to descend like a gentle dove and empowered him to become another Christ. More than six thousand faithful prayerfully participated in and witnessed the ordination ceremony. With an atmosphere of joy and reverence the faithful experienced the sacred mystery unfolding before them. The congregation, with hearts uplifted and souls ablaze with renewed faith, rejoiced, witnessing the birth of a new priest of God in the vineyard of Bongaigaon.

There was a colourful felicitation programme for the newly ordained priest Fr Damiyan Borgoary and for the dignitaries. His Grace Thomas Pulloppillil D.D, in his felicitation address invited St Pauls effectively use the Digital Media, ChatGpt & Artificial Intelligence to educate and evangelise the North East. Fr Joby Mathew, the Provincial Superior, congratulated the newly ordained priest and said that years ago the diocese of Bongaigaon gifted a young Damiyan Borgoary to St Pauls and now we return him to the diocese as a Pauline Priest.

Fr Damiyan Borgoary, on 5 February 2024 celebrated his First Thanksgiving Eucharist in his native village North Digholdong. The newly ordained was solemnly welcomed through various traditional North Eastern dances. Several diocesan priests, religious sisters, Pauline priests and sisters from different parts of India participated in the first holy Eucharistic Celebration. Hundreds of faithful from all the parts of the Christian village of North Digholdong celebrated the event with great joy and gladness.  


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