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75 Years of Pauline in presence in the USA (24 June 2007)

On Sunday, June 24, 2007, the Pauline Family consisting of the Society of St Paul, the Daughters of St. Paul, the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, the Institute of Jesus the Priest, Cooperators and Friends, gathered at St. Peter’s Church on Staten Island, New York to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of Pauline presence in the United States of America. The Celebrant and Homilist of the Mass was Msgr. James Dorney, Vicar of Staten Island. Celebrating also were the Daughters of St. Paul who arrived in New York in 1932. The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master prepared the altar for the Eucharistic Celebration and among the concelebrants were priests of the Archdiocese, priest members of the Society of St. Paul and a novice of the Institute of Jesus, the Priest. There was a large attendance of the Brothers as well as cooperators and friends. Reception followed in the Church hall of St. Peter's.

Brief story of the SSP in USA

The foundation of the Society of St. Paul in the United States had its very humble beginnings in the Archdiocese of New York. The founder was Fr. Francis Xavier Borrano, who arrived in New York from Italy on October 1931. He had no fixed destination in the city of New York, had no money, and could not speak English. Consequently, as the immigration law required, he was quarantined at Ellis Island.

Released from Ellis Island, Fr. Borrano was received by the Jesuits at Nativity Church on Second Ave. in Manhattan. During this time he petitioned the establishment of the Pauline Community in New York. After several months temporary permission was granted and Fr. Borrano moved in March of 1932 to an apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

With the arrival of the members, Bro. Raphael, Fr. Stanislaus and Sub-Deacon Mario Gandolfi, the community began to expand and it was necessary to find larger quarters in the Bronx - first in Zerega Avenue, then in Tremont Avenue and then another move to Research Avenue. In 1937 the community made its final move to a six acre plot of land in Staten Island, New York which today is the present residence of the Society of St. Paul. This is the main publishing house for ST PAULS/Alba House books.

On May 9, 1944 the Paulines took possession of property in Canfield, Ohio where the Novitiate was begun. Two new printing presses were bought and the publication of "The Catholic Home Messenger" began. Today, it is the home of Audio Visual tape and CD productions.

In 1954 another foundation was made in the Archdiocese of Detroit. At first the community lived in a small private house and then moved to a larger building in Dearborn, Michigan, where it published a weekly newspaper, distributed films and operated a media center. Currently, the community has a bookstore and visits parishes on weekends for book displays in order to bring the Word of God directly to the people.

The future of our communications apostolate in America lies on the ingenuity and creativeness of the members perpetually assisted by the powerful aid of the Holy Spirit, and under the protection of the Queen of Apostles and of St. Paul.

Seated from left: Francesco Saverio Borrano, Giovanni Costa, don Giacomo Alberione, don Timoteo Giaccardo, don Giuseppe Trosso


Lo ha nominato nell’incarico il Superiore generale, don Valdir José De Castro, con Decreto del 2 marzo 2016. Don Tony, 43 anni, è nato a Dinalupihan (Bataan, Filippine) il 13 settembre 1972. È entrato nella Società San Paolo nel giugno 1990 e ha emesso i primi voti religiosi il 9 giugno 1996 a Makati (Filippine). Ordinato sacerdote il 28 agosto 2005, ha svolto il suo primo incarico nel campo della formazione accompagnando gli aspiranti paolini nel St Paul Seminary di Silang. Nel 2007 ha frequentato a Roma il Corso del Carisma, finito il quale, nel giugno 2008, è stato trasferito nella Provincia degli Stati Uniti. Qui don Tony ha avuto varie responsabilità: Maestro dei Postulanti e degli Juniores, Coordinatore generale della formazione, Consigliere Provinciale con l’incarico di coordinamento delle librerie e di Direttore di una di queste. Infine, è stato nominato Superiore della comunità di Canfield, in Ohio, nell’ottobre 2014, ruolo che ha conservato fino alla recente nomina di Delegato personale per un anno del Superiore generale.

A don Tony l’augurio di un fecondo servizio

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Roma, 5 Marzo 2016
Don Stefano Stimamiglio, Segr. gen.



USA Provincial ChapterThe SSP-US Province gathered in the morning of November 18 for a two day Special Provincial Chapter held at its Provincial House at Staten Island, New York. The purpose of the gathering was to deliberate on and approve the Provincial Report and elect two delegates for the 10th SSP General Chapter to be held in Rome from January 25 to February 15, 2015.

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USAStarting with the Prayer for the Provincial Chapter, the delegates convened for the second day of the assembly. They began with the review of the Minutes of the meeting followed by the reading of the comments from the members of the two communities.

The assembly president Fr. Matthew Roehrig divided the delegates into two groups in preparation for the planning and drafting of the final document of the Provincial Chapter. The groups are as follows:

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USA - 18th Provincial ChapterAs delegates gathered for the last day of the assembly, they began the session with a prayer followed by the review and approval of the previous day’s Minutes.

Fr. Mike Goonan, who drafted the program lines, led the assembly to a thorough examination of the document. When the document was finalized, Fr. Matthew Roehrig called the assembly to a votation. All delegates voted positively and a copy was submitted to the General Government for approval.

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18th Provincial ChapterEight delegates gathered together for a three-day 18th SSP-US Provincial Assembly in Society of St. Paul, Staten Island, N.Y. The assembly began with a Mass presided by the newly appointed Provincial Superior, Fr. Matthew Roehrig. Members of Staten Island local community also joined in the Eucharistic Celebration. Fr. Silvio Sassi, General Superior and Fr. Celso Godilano, Vicar General came to participate in this important event. The theme for this year's Provincial Assembly is: “With God Everything is Possible.” (see Fr. Matthew’s homily)

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