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How is it structured?

○ Superior General SSP
○ Delegate General SSP
○ Major Superior SSP
○ Delegate of the Association SSP

○ Council of the Association on the national level

» Delegate of the Association SSP
» Coordinator (member of the Association)
» Secretary (member of the Association)
» Tresurer (member of the Association)
» Councilor (member of the Association)

 (Members of the Counci: at least two but not more than four.)


The Association of Pauline Cooperators is a branch of the Pauline Family, founded by Fr. James Alberione and made up of the following Institutions:

  • Society of St. Paul
  • Pious Society of the Daughters of St. Paul
  • Pious Disciples of the Divine Master
  • Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd (Pastorelle Sisters)
  • Queen of Apostles Institute for Vocations
  • Institutes Aggregated to the Society of St. Paul:
    • Jesus the Priest
    • Our Lady of the Annunciation
    • St. Gabriel the Archangel
    • Holy Family
  • Association of Pauline Cooperators

The members of the Association make its own the purpose of the Pauline Family, embracing “as externs” all the apostolic activities of the other Pauline Institutions to the point of integrally living the Gospel in the spirit of St. Paul, under the gaze of Mary, Queen of Apostles. The Cooperators of the Society of St. Paul, like the other Institutes of the Pauline Family of Father Alberione, are bearers of the common Pauline mission and is co-responsible for making known Jesus Master Way, Truth, and Life in the world.

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