Mon, Jun

On June 5th in Los Angeles, CA, a small step forward was taken in establishing the one-year-old Province of Mexico Cuba USA. It has always been known that the main goal of the new province was to harmonize the different cultures, languages, and apostolic systems that compose it.

For this reason, the first meeting of personnel interested in administrative, financial, and apostolic matters in the US area, was held in our community of Los Angeles.

Several speakers took turns on topics such as Non-Profit Societies, the medium chosen for our apostolate in the United States, insurance, community administration, coordination, and more.

All the communities operating in this country, Los Angeles, Canfield OH, Chicago, Miami, and Staten Island NY, were represented in person or online, in addition to the Provincial Bursar and the Provincial Administrator.

Given the interest of the participants, in particular, regarding specific cases, ample space was left for questions and discussions.

For the organization and success of this first meeting, I would like to warmly thank Br. Gilberto Martínez Bedolla, community superior, and Mrs. Maria Hernandez, USA Internal SSP Accountant.