Sun, Jun

Guwahati, 8 February 2024: In a solemn ceremony held in the Community of Guwahati, Brother Ningrei G Berno and Amit Toppo took a significant step in their spiritual journey as they were ordained as deacons on 8 February 2024. The auspicious event, presided over by His Lordship Bishop John Thomas, Bishop Emeritus of Itanagar, unfolded in the presence of many Fathers, brothers and sisters from the neighbouring communities and the Pauline Family.

The Eucharistic celebration, which commenced at 6 PM, was a poignant moment as Brother Ningrei G Berno and Amit Toppo answered the divine call to serve. The sacred rites of ordination were administered by Bishop Thomas, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of reverence and solemnity.

As Brother Ningrei G Berno and Amit Toppo embarked on their new roles as deacons, there was a profound sense of anticipation and hope for the journey ahead. Their ordination to the diaconate indicates their unwavering dedication to the teachings of Christ and their commitment to serving their communities with compassion and humility.

The ceremony concluded with prayers of gratitude and blessings, as the newly ordained deacons were entrusted with the sacred responsibility of carrying forth the light of faith and love in their respective ministries. With the support of their faith communities and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Brother Ningrei G Berno and Amit Toppo stand poised to embrace the challenges and joys that await them on their path of service to God and humanity.


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