Sun, Jun

Dec 3, 2023, Cebu City, Philippines—The Pauline Spirit shines bright in the Catholic Social Media Awards as the PadsCast bags the Best Podcast Award for 2023. Produced by ST PAULS Philippines, the show is hosted by Fr. Albert Garong, SSP, and Fr. Khris Emmanuel Llacer, SSP. Together they also represented Best Online Shop nominee ST PAULS Online, while members of the Daughters of St. Paul were also in attendance for Paulines Multimedia Ph, nominated for Best Youtube Channel.

In the acceptance speech, Fr. Albert shared the recognition with all other Filipino Catholic podcasters. He hoped that the award would inspire more Catholics to speak up in this small but powerful medium. It is with this same spirit of cooperation that the awards ceremony, held at the Ateneo de Cebu–Sacred Heart, was celebrated, with the various Catholic content creators using the occasion to connect and plan for future collaborations.

Derived from “Pads" —local slang for “Father,” PadsCast captures the show’s heart of making priestly and religious life approachable and fun through candid conversations among clergy, religious, and occasional lay guests. While topics run the gamut of basic catechism or online trends, every episode is punctuated with humor and real-life sharings for an authentic look into the Church often unseen by most laity. The nomination and award, the show’s first ever, comes at a perfect time as the podcast is coming into its hundredth episode.

The Catholic Social Media Awards is organized by YouthPinoy, Inc. with the aim of honoring and promoting excellence among Catholic social communicators.