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The coronavirus pandemic, which affects not only Europe but also the whole world, pushes each of us to intensify our prayer. Pope Francis, together with the whole Church, continually renews his intercession to the Father of life for the health of each person — to receive strength and hope in this time of trial.

This is what Blessed James Alberione did on the occasion of the Second World War so that no member of the Pauline Family would be struck and die because of this serious event.

Taking the example of our Founder and in unity with him who accompanies us from Heaven in our every step, for three evenings we will pray the Rosary, in multiple languages, from the sub-crypt of the Sanctuary of Mary Queen of the Apostles, next to the remains of Fr. Alberione and close to those of the Venerable Tecla Merlo.
Everyone can join us in this moment of prayer by connecting to our institutional Facebook page “Società San Paolo – Paolini” (https://www.facebook.com/sspinfo/).

This prayer is simultaneous with the Eucharistic celebration which the Parish Priest and Vice Parish Priest of our Queen of the Apostles Parish celebrate in unity with all the faithful. As a clearly visible sign, the dome of the Sanctuary remains illuminated for the whole time of the celebration.

21 March, Saturday
25 March, Wednesday (Solemnity of the Annunciation)
4 April, Saturday (Birth of Blessed James Alberione)

From 19:00 to 19:30

It is a sign of communion between the members of the Pauline Family and with the universal Church for the benefit of each person. Today’s digital network allows us to be close, to live communication as an experience of unity, of solidarity, of a good that does not remain closed among a few but is for the benefit of all.
We entrust these intentions to Blessed James Alberione, while we pray to the Divine Master for each other.

Centre of Pauline Spirituality – Rome

  pdf Rosario presso il corpo del Beato Alberione (PDF) (40 KB)