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Nomina: 26 luglio 2017
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Comunità e Attività




The day's proceedings began with a short prayer conducted by Brs Jeffery and Punna Rao. Provincial then announced that it was time for the election of the Councillors. After reading the relevant articles and directories from our Constitutions concerning the election of the Councillors, the Chapter elected Fr Thomas Mangamthanath and Fr Devasia Puthiyaparambil councillors.

The Provincial then briefed the Chapter on the present status of our community life and spiritual life in the Province. He highlighted briefly some of the resolutions that were implemented in the Province. He also listed the some of the initiatives taken and implemented by the previous provincial government to impart specific Pauline formation to our members.

In the afternoon the Chapter elected Fr Johnson Vattakkunnel a councillor. After the election, the groups dispersed for a detailed discussion on the community and spiritual life. On completion of the group discussions, the findings were presented to the assembly by the secretaries. The proceedings of the day came to a close with the Visit to the Blessed Sacrament conducted by Fr Joslin Kandachamkunnel.


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