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In his talk Fr Johnson reminded the novices of the importance and uniqueness of the year of Novitiate and encouraged them to encounter Jesus our Master in all their activities. He told them "the Novitiate must create an atmosphere of liberating solitude". He added quoting Henri Noumen that "solitude is that precious space where we can discover the voice telling us about our inner necessity – that is, our Vocation. Unless our questions, problems and concerns are tested and matured in solitude it is not realistic to expect answers that are really our own". Fr Kacndachamkunnel Joseph, our newly appointed Novice Master, accepting the Novices committed to make himself available to them assuring he will journey on with them in their search for God's will and purpose. He also promised that he will make every effort to accompany the Novices to make their year of Novitiate a God-experience by imparting them Pauline formation and values.

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