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At the same time "the whole Congregation, each Circumscription and each of our communities are composed of Paulines of different ages, character, culture, formation, experience, and apostolic work.  The gospel of today helps us to convince ourselves that no generation of Paulines can boast of rights over the others; no Circumscription has special priviledges; no comunity can consider itself autosufficient".

The works of these last two days has enabled the three groups to individualize lines of action to face the challenges either in the vocation area or  in the formation area.    To render still more concrete the results of this international gathering, "handouts of work" have been formulated that indicate the next stepts that each linguistic and geographic group will undertake to give continuity to the journey that has been started.  On Sunday morning, Fr. Roberto Ponti, editor of the Meeting, presented the final report as a synthesis of the talks and works of the assembly. 

The Coordinators will now return to their own communities in  various parts of the world. The understanding is clear that each one has been enriched and motivated anew in the task of delicate service for the good of the Congregation, to realize - as Fr. Silvio mentioned in his homily - a proposal of Christ which is comprehensible to the young and an indentical aim to be reached in all the stages of formation: harmonious unity of differences.


Agenda Paolina

February 28, 2021

II di Quaresima (viola)
Gen 22,1-2.9a.10-13.15-18; Sal 115; Rm 8,31b-34; Mc 9,2-10

February 28, 2021

* SSP: 1994 a Suwon (Corea) • SJBP: 1992 a Santana do Livramento (Brasile).

February 28, 2021

FSP: Sr. Angela Teresa Bagnati (1971) - Sr. Joan Mary Ravetto (1978) - Sr. Adelaide Prunotto (1989) - Sr. Ilba García (1992) - Sr. Amalia Milo (1999) - Sr. Bianca Maria Zanoni (1999) - Sr. M. Fidelis Puebla Lobo (2008) - Sr. M. Marcellina Trincucci (2012) - Sr. Maria del Socorro Mendez Moreno (29.02.2012) • PD: Sr. M. Agnès Shamba (29.02.2012) • SJBP: Sr. Rosa Maria Gomes (2017) • IGS: D. Antonio Porcu (29.02.2020) • ISF: M. Giovanna Martina (1987) - Cosimo Corigliano (1998) - Ettore Serli (2003) - Rafael Juan Mangini (2006) - Filomena Zaccheddu (29.02.1976) - Antonino Taormina (29.02.2012).