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In his homily, the bishop stressed that the Church must be brought closer to the people. Just like the exhortation of the Founder Blessed James Alberione, “if the people do not go to the church, then the church must go to the people.” Through the chapel and the book centre, which is located at the heart of the commercial and business district, the Christian message will be made available at the ‘marketplace’ of ordinary life – near the offices, the schools, the homes, and in the street corners.

This was also the way of Saint Mary MacKillop is Australia’s first recognised saint and the patron of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta. St. Mary MacKillop helped build the new country of Australia by lifting its people out of poverty, and she realized that the key was education. And she made that happen for tens of thousands of people."

The Chapel located at the first floor is open to the public for the Eucharistic Celebration from Monday to Friday at 1:00 PM, t. It is hoped that those who participate in the holy mass will bring a book or religious item to raise their faith and religious consciousness.


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