Sun, Jan

It was the turn of the Comitato Technico Internazionale per Apostolato (CTIA) President Fr. Ciro Monroy to share about the efforts on the project: E-book: e-learning and e-publishing and the unification of the corporate image of ST PAULS.

Lunch of Korean and Japanese accents was served, after which, the assembly discussed the apostolic collaboration in the three phases: editorial, production and diffusion and the proposed Meeting of Pauline Publishers in Rome, October 2012.

Even as a letter of sympathy and condolence for the siblings and relatives of Fr. Salud Paredes was being prepared, the delegates also received news that the brother of Fr. Gil Alinsangan, the official translator of the 8th CAP-ESW, just died.

The group then proceeded to Manila Bay for a yacht ride to behold the sunset, and to a tour around the old Intramuros (Walled City during the Spanish Period) where they had a dinner of Philippine cuisine and dances.

Fotos by Fr. Restie de la Pena

Agenda Paolina

January 25, 2020

Festa della Conversione di San Paolo, apostolo (bianco)
At 22,3-16 oppure At 9,1-22; Sal 116; Mc 16,15-18

January 25, 2020

* SSP: 2008 a Jalandhar (India) - 2011 a Jeju (Corea) - 2015 a Lviv (Ucraina) • FSP: 1956 a Mendoza (Argentina) - 1975 a Cochabamba (Bolivia) e a Quito (Ecuador) - 1989 a Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) - 1996 a Faro (Portogallo) - 2008 a Juba (Sud Sudan) - 2010 a Trichy (India) • PD: 1929 Casa SP a Roma (Italia) - 1987 a St. Mary’s-Cathedral Chennai (India) - 1988 arrivo in Burkina Faso - 1998 a Warszawa (Polonia) - 2009 a Manaus (Brasile) • SJBP: 1956 a Caxias do Sul, S. Leopoldo (Brasile) - 1980 a Roma, Via Traversari (Italia) - 2014 a Seoul, Geumho-dong (Corea).

January 25, 2020

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