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Regina CesaratoITA - ESP - ENG

Superior General of the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master since April 2005. She has obtained a baccalaureate in philosophy and theology at the Pontifical Institute of St. Anselm and, in 1984, licentiate in biblical theology at the Pontifical Biblical Institute of the Gregorian.

From 1993 to 1999 she has guided the present Province of Italy, as Regional Superior and in April of 1999 she has been elected as General Councilor, an office that she has held for one mandate, until her election as Superior General. During her service as General Councilor she was part of the Secretariat of Spirituality and of the Center of Studies on Charism and Mission. 

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Vincenzo Marras


He is a priest of the Society of Saint Paul since 1979. After his studies in philosophy and theology he has perfected his specialization in communication at the Faculty of Science of Education in the Salesian University of Rome.

A professional journalist, since 1984 he has worked with the monthly of culture and religious actuality of the Saint Paul Periodicals, Jesus, of which he has become Director in 1996.

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Ricardo AresITA - ESP - ENG

At present he is Director General of the Apostolate of the Province of Spain, Society of Saint Paul. Ordained priest in Rome in 1957, he spent the first years in Spain but soon blessed James Alberione invited him to Venezuela and some years after destined him to Chile. He re-entered Spain in 1974, dedicating himself above all to editorial work, as Editorial Director or General Director. He has also been Provincial Superior of Spain (1984-1988), Member of the CTIA (1988-1998), Councilor in the Executive Committee of CIDEP (1991-1996) and Regional Superior of Portugal (1998-2002).


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Elena Bosetti


Since 1968 she is a sister of Gesù Buon Pastore (Good Shepherd Sisters). She has obtained from the Pontifical Gregorian University a Baccalaureate in Philosophy, a license in Dogmatic Theology and in 1988 the Doctorate in Biblical Theology with the thesis Poimên kai Episkopos: the figure of the shepherd in the First Letter of Peter. 

She has spent various periods of research at the Studio Biblico Francescano and at the École Biblique of Jersusalem. She has hosted the TV program “Le ragioni della speranza” (The reasons of hope) on RAI 1.

She teaches exegesis of the NT at the Gregorian and in various Atheneums. She is engaged in activities of formation and biblical pastoral on the national level. 

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Elide Pulita


Daughter of Saint Paul, Brazilian, studied Philosophy, Theology and Missionology. She is presently Executive Directress of the Paulines SAL (Servicio Apostólico Latinoamericano) with seat in Bogotá. Before that she has been General Councilor for the Apostolate and then Directress General of the Apostolate in Brazil.


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