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SISP 2009: Messages - Communication

Eucaristia di chiusuraAriccia (Rome). Wednesday 29 April 2009. Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, patron saint of Europe and of Italy.

Initial greeting. As we have started the Seminar with a common prayer of thanksgiving, much more now, with the riches of the experience that we have lived, let us express together our gratitude to the Providence of God.

As we celebrate the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, let us ask from the Spirit of Christ the wisdom to commit ourselves now to put to good use, first for ourselves and then for others, what we have heard, reflected and made ours together.

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Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

During these past days we 73 brothers and sisters from the Pauline Family have gathered from five continents, in the house of the Divine Master at Ariccia to participate in the International Seminar on St. Paul organized by the Society of St. Paul.

With the help of internationally known biblical scholars, we first of all nourished ourselves with an ample and articulate reflection on the life, spirituality, theology and mission of the apostle Paul.

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SISPCarissimi fratelli e sorelle della Famiglia Paolina,

Dal 19 al 29 aprile 2009 si è svolto nella casa Divin Maestro di Ariccia (Roma) il Seminario Internazionale su San Paolo (SISP), al quale hanno partecipato 73 membri della Famiglia Paolina di 26 nazione (44 Paolini, 17 Figlie di San Paolo, 5 Pie Discepole, 3 Pastorelle, 2 Apostoline, 1 Annunziatina, e 1 Gabrielino).

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SISPIn the third phase of our Seminar we passed from study to comparison, with a view toward putting into action and making concrete what we were reflecting on. How can we translate today the contents, the pastoral approach and the lived experience of Christ that form the background of the dynamic and passionate personality of the Apostle Paul?

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