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riel Álvarez Valdés

Priest, Licentiate Summa cum Laude in biblical theology at the Franciscan Biblical Faculty in Jerusalem (Israel), he has a Degree from the Pontifical University of Salamanca. In Argentina he is a professor of Sacred Scripture in the Major Seminary and of Theology in the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero.

In 1996 he has been aggregated to the Italian Biblical Association and in 2003 to the Spanish of the same name. For several years he dedicates himself to the popular dissemination of scientific research of the Bible, through conferences and writings translated in various languages. Among his books stands out the series Enigmas de la Biblia [Enigmas of the Bible] that in a pleasant manner has made closer biblical research to thousands of persons.


Agenda Paolina

January 20, 2020

Feria (verde)
S. Fabiano, papa e martire
S. Sebastiano, martire
1Sam 15,16-23; Sal 49; Mc 2,18-22

January 20, 2020

* FSP: 1946 a Messina (Italia).

January 20, 2020

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