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35 members of the Holy Family Institute gathered at the National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon in North Jackson, Ohio, USA, for its annual weekend Triduum, (Sep 16-18). About 20 members also attended virtually.

Fr. Michael Harrington and Fr. Edward Riley from the Institute of Jesus Priest were the speakers with the theme: Mission and Identity. While focusing on the many roads of our spiritual life – Paul’s Road to Damascus, Jesus Road to Jerusalem, Disciples on the Road to Emmaus, and Jesus Knocking at our Door – the members were challenged to immerse themselves into their commitment to evangelize the world.

The weekend also had members enter novitiate and renew both their consecrated vows as well as their marriage vows. Sisters from the Daughters of St. Paul and Pious Disciples of the Divine Master were also in attendance.

Agenda Paolina

July 14, 2024

XV del Tempo Ordinario (verde)
Am 7,12-15; Sal 84; Ef 1,3-14; Mc 6,7-13

July 14, 2024

* Nessun evento particolare.

July 14, 2024SSP: Fr. Valentino Brignone (1955) - D. Marco Testa (1971) - D. Agostino Gilardi (1975) - D. Angelo Pettinati (1991) - D. Pietro Tateishi (1999) - D. Robert Kaniyamparampil (2012) - D. Felino Quitalig (2013) - Fr. Pius Kochuparambil (2021) • FSP: Sr. Teresa Vesentini (1994) - Sr. Rita Brena (2002) - Sr. M. Alba Ospina (2005) - Sr. M. Egidia Grigoli (2017) - Sr. Teresa (Ester) Fasano (2018) • PD: Sr. M. Paul Beauchesne (1996) - Sr. M. Benigna Pezza (2012) • IGS: D. Benvenuto Cocuzza (1993) - D. Angelo Lambiasi (2006) • IMSA: Filippa Costanza (2023) • ISF: Sergio A. Jerez (2017) - Giovanni Giaccio (2022).