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The following is a summary of the First Regional Assembly of the United States of America. Before the Assembly, the members had a reflection given by Gerry Rauch of the Holy Family Institute.

The Regional Assembly was held from Monday, August 9 to 13, 2021 in Canfield, Ohio. The Regional Superior, Bro. Marco Bulgarelli, presided. All members participated except for Fr. Edmund Lane and Bro. Aloysius Milella who could not attend. Bro. Javier Lee participated via GoogleMeet. Fr. Jose Pottayil from the General Government also participated via GoogleMeet.

The Assembly began with Fr. Valdir de Castro, Superior General, addressed the Assembly virtually from Rome. After the election of the Assembly officers the Assembly heard reports from the outgoing Delegate and from the Superiors of the two communities – Staten Island, NY and Canfield, OH. After these presentations the Assembly broke into two groups discussing several important issues concerning the Region that will be addressed over the next three years. The results of these groups along with the Letter of the Superior General to the Region formed the basis for the drafting of the Final Document.

The Assembly reviewed the draft of the Final Document as well as the Statute for the USA Region. Both documents were approved.

On the Final Day, the Superior General once again addressed the Assembly virtually from Rome. Then Fr. Matthew Roehrig and Fr. Tony Bautista were elected Regional Councilors. Br. Marco Bulgarelli, Regional Delegate, gave his concluding address to the Assembly and then formally concluded the Assembly.

Members then celebrated a Thanksgiving Mass followed by the taking of pictures of the Assembly members and of the new Regional Council.

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