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This year’s Basic Bible Seminars of St Paul Bible School have started last February at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Community, BDO Center (Makati) and San Roque Parish, Cabrera St. Pasay City. The basic bible seminars are done in ten meetings and topics cover from Genesis to Revelations.

While the Makati Seminar is in English and in coordination with Verbuhay Magasin, the Pasay Seminar is in Filipino and in partnership with the Biblical Apostolate of the Vicariate of Santa Clara de Montefalco whose Bible Coordinator is Fr. Feliciano Marquez, SSP of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish. Furthermore, the Makati seminar is almost every Friday at 7:30 to 9 PM until May; while the San Roque Parish Bible Seminar is done only every third Saturday of the Month, same time schedule until November 2018.

These basic bible seminars are an activity of St Paul Bible Ministry. The speakers are Br. Hansel B. Mapayo, SSP, Fr. Paolo Asprer, SSP, Cl. Albert Garong, SSP, Fr. Dindo Purto, SSP, Fr. Khris Llacer, SSP, Fr. Gil Alinsangan, SSP and Fr. Ludovico Tacdoro, SSP.


Agenda Paolina

29 Maggio 2024

Memoria di S. Paolo VI, papa (bianco)
1Pt 1,18-25; Sal 147; Mc 10,32-45

29 Maggio 2024

* SSP: 1991 a Cebu (Filippine) • FSP: 1978 Casa Prov. a Pasay City (Filippine) - 2023 a Kolwezi (Congo R.D.).

29 Maggio 2024SSP: D. Zulmiro Caon (2017) - D. Isidoro Traffano (2022) • FSP: Sr. Gemma Magno (1945) - Sr. Verónica Glassmann (2008) • PD: Sr. M. Josephina Kim (2023) - Sr. M. Giuseppina Menghi (2023) • IGS: D. Adolfo Lotta (1998) • IMSA: Elvira Targa (2008) • ISF: Roberto Gardoni (2015) - Vincenzo De Caro (2019) - Laura Usai Serra (2023).

Pensiero del Fondatore

29 Maggio 2024

A te, Padre celeste, mi offro, dono e consacro come figlio. A te, Gesù Maestro, mi offro, dono e consacro come fratello e discepolo. A te, Spirito Santo, mi offro, dono e consacro come “tempio vivo” per essere consacrato e santificato (PR 57).

29 Maggio 2024

A ti, Padre celeste, me ofrezco, entrego y consagro como hijo. A ti, Jesús Maestro, me ofrezco, entrego y consagro como hermano y discípulo. A ti, Espíritu Santo, me ofrezco, entrego y consagro como “templo vivo” para ser consagrado y santificado (PR 57).

29 Maggio 2024

To you, heavenly Father, I offer, give and consecrate myself as a son. To you, Jesus Master, I offer, give and consecrate myself as a brother and disciple. To you, Holy Spirit, I offer, give and consecrate myself as a “living temple” to be consecrated and sanctified (PR 57).