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Last June 24, the Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist, SSP Clerics Albert O. Garong and Eric Mark S. Salamat made their Perpetual Profession during the afternoon Eucharistic celebration at the Sanctuary of St. Paul in Makati. The main presider and homilist was the Provincial Superior, Fr. Jose Aripio. Present were thea concelebrating SSP priests and the parish priest of Eric Mark, members of the Pauline Family, and families and friends of the two clerics.

The homilist, Fr. Khris Llacer, traced his relationship with the two clerics, and enjoined them to live the virtues of humility and fidelity as perpetually professed members. This is made possible by nurturing a life of prayer.

After Communion, Fr. Khris, as Provincial Secretary, read the message of the Superior General, Don Jose Valdir De Castro. Don Valdir reminded them that the words of St. Paul,“The love of Christ impels us” (2 Cor 5:14), which they have printed in their invitation card explain the meaning of his being Apostle, witness of the Gospel, that is of the person of Christ. “It is love that sends us out, to depart for new ways and new destinations, inorder to encounter men and women who have need to know Jesus, the one who fills our life with authentic meaning, the one who transforms death into life… We can even add that ‘the love that impels us’ can be translated as ‘the love that possesses us’… It is the love that asks of you to be creative in the culture of communication, Paulines who are enterprising and joyful for the cause of the Gospel, as Blessed James Alberione was.”

After the Mass, the community gathered at the Alberione Hall for the agape.

Albert is presently assigned at the IT sector of the apostolate while Eric Mark is part of the St. Paul Seminary community of Silang working in the vocation promotion.



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