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On Saturday, October 8, 2016, the Most Rev. John O'Hara, Auxiliary Bishop of New York, blessed the ST PAULS BOOK and GIFT Center of the Society of St. Paul in Staten Island New York.

The newly remodeled Book Center will focus on the promotion and diffusion of the Holy Bible and Biblical commentaries. It will feature Bibles and Books in English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Korean. In addition to books published by the Society of St Paul, there will be also books and articles from meaning other leading USA Catholic publishers.

In the early 1950's a very modest Book Center was opened just yards away from the present location.It was, like many Pauline endeavors, a very humble beginning. Time passed and the Book Center was moved to a small room in the Priests and Brothers Residence Building. This Book Center remained there for a few years and once the new Publishing Building was constructed, a small portion was allotted for the re-establishment for a new Book Center.

The amount of Priests, Sister, Brothers and Lay people quickly proved to be too small so another addition was added on — yet again, proving it small, more space was provided.

Through the 50 years of effort of the late Brother Benedict Santoro, Brother Augustine Condon and Brother Emmanuel Cana, the present Book Center has become "A Crowning Jewel" for the Catholic population of Staten Island and even to the Metropolitan area of Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey.

Much time, and with a true labor of love, our own Pauline brothers, Fr. Tony Bautista, Brother Zbigniew Gawron, Father Juan Huerta, and Brother Joshua Siedl contributed artistically and physically to the renovation and remodeling of the Book Center.

Now through the power of the Holy Spirit, Father Juan Huerta, SSP, the new Book Center manager will carry on with an entirely new light.

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