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The members bring to the Society of St. Paul the specific values of secularity, that of “being in the world but not of the world”. They have a particular rapport of communion with the Society of St. Paul from which they finds their historical and spiritual roots. In maintaining “the specific values and identity of secularity”, the members of the Association do not have any uniform that would distinguish them from others like when a religious would wear a habit.

As “leaven and salt of the earth” ‒ hidden and unseen ‒ what rather should distinguish the Cooperators from others are their good works and exemplary comportments, whether in their homes or in the parish or in their places of work. Although, as an outward sign of one’s being part of the Pauline Family, the Cooperator can wear the emblem of the Pauline Family, given during the making of the Promise.

Who can be a member

Persons who understand the value of the mission of the Society of St. Paul and want to collaborate in its fulfilment, thus finding a precious opportunity to use their skills to fulfil their Christian vocation and enable the talents they received from the Lord to bear fruit. In welcoming his/her special call, the candidate adheres to the Pauline ideal and commits him/herself to incarnating it in daily life according to the directives of the Church, which invites the laity to “share more intensely in the spirituality and mission of various religious Institutes” (VC, 54).

Specifically, those who can be members of the Association of Pauline Cooperators of the Society of St. Paul are:

  • lay faithful of every age and condition who are aware that Christ called them to the perfection of charity and to work for evangelization.
  • priests and religious who understand the validity of the specific mission of the Society of St. Paul and intend to collaborate to its realization.