Fri, May


Blessed Timothy Giaccardo "returns to Saint Paul", as was his desire when he was far from Alba. Now this desire will finally be realised with the reception of the urn, containing his remains, in the Temple of Saint Paul this coming May 5, 2014, preceded by brief stops in Bra and Sanfrè and a month long stay in Narzole, his native town. An enthusiastic welcome by the religious and civil authorities and by local people are expected there.

"Signor Maestro" will continue to be venerated in the crypt of the Shrine of the Queen of Apostles through relics in the sarcophagus that until now contained his mortal. It will therefore continue to be a point of reference of the devotion to the first Pauline priest of the Society of St Paul, who, in the words of the Founder, was always the heart and soul of the Pauline Family".

OMELIA - Don Silvio Sassi (Superiore Generale SSP)