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The members live the spirituality of the Pauline Family solidly grounded on the Eucharist and the Word of God and cultivate a particular devotion to the person of Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life, to Mary Queen of Apostles and to Saint Paul the Apostle.

They dedicate themselves in the work of evangelization as secular clergy (for Jesus Priest) or as lay persons. The lay members, living their consecration incognito in the world, act like "salt", "light" and "leaven" in their home, parish, place of work and other places they find themselves in. They also participate, according to their possibilities, in the other apostolic activities of the other Institutions of the Pauline Family.

They are encouraged to be part of the evangelizing activities of the Society of St. Paul and to be leaven in the culture of communication of today.



Agenda Paolina

February 03, 2024

Feria (verde)
S. Biagio, vescovo e martire
S. Ansgario (Oscar), vescovo
1Re 3,4-13; Sal 118; Mc 6,30-34

February 03, 2024

* SSP: 1963 a Medellín (Colombia).

February 03, 2024SSP: D. Agostino Ghione (1960) - Fr. Francisco Majorino Pedroso da Silva (2013) - D. Vito Ventricelli (2023) • FSP: Sr. Gilma Maria Alvarado (1982) - Sr. Filippina Maria Busso (2014) • IGS: Mons. Umberto Altomare (1986) - D. Francesco Bruno (1991) • IMSA: Carmela M. Calzarano (1995) - Antonietta Pittalis (2009) • ISF: Virginia Boi (1993) - Lidia Satta (2005).


February 03, 2024

All’anima [vergine] il Signore svela tante cose, come il Signore Gesù esercita sopra quest’anima un’attrattiva particolare e comunica delle consolazioni e stabilisce una vera amicizia, la quale si dimostra appunto con lo scambio dei beni: io sono tuo e tu sei mia; tu sei mio ed io sono tua (APD56, 85).

February 03, 2024

El Señor revela muchas cosas al alma [virgen], cómo el Señor Jesús ejerce una atracción particular sobre esta alma y le comunica consolaciones y establece una verdadera amistad, que se demuestra precisamente con el intercambio de bienes: yo soy tuyo y tú eres mía; tú eres mío y yo soy tuya (APD56, 85).

February 03, 2024

The Lord reveals many things to the [virgin] soul; how the Lord Jesus exercises a particular attraction over this soul and communicates consolations and establishes a true friendship, which is demonstrated precisely with the exchange of goods: I am yours and you are mine; you are mine and I am yours (APD56, 85).