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[sigplus] Erreur critique: Le répertoire des images devrait être un chemin relatif par rapport au répertoire de base.

[sigplus] Erreur critique: Le répertoire des images devrait être un chemin relatif par rapport au répertoire de base.

Next to be further reviewed with more details was the Action Plan for Australia 2012-2015 after the working commission submitted its first draft. The Vicar General, Fr Celso Godilano, reminded the assembly members regarding the purposes and mechanics of this new Action Plan for the next three years of the Region’s life. After deliberating on it for two sessions, it was finally approved by the Assembly in the afternoon session.

Before the election of the two Councillors in the last session of the day, the Superior General, Fr Silvio Sassi, made his last intervention for the Assembly reminding the members of certain realities of the Region and of the General Government worldwide. He concluded his intervention by encouraging the members to read and be familiar with the Constitution and the Service of Authority in the Society of St Paul, Manual so as to make sure that the power delegated to members is for the good and service to the Congregation to bring forward its life and mission in the given Circumscription.

At the election of the Councillors, Fr Thomas Manimalayil was voted as first Councillor and has accepted the mandate. Bro Noel Bagnall was then elected as the second Councillor which he also accepted.

With the election of the two Councillors, the Regional Superior, thanked everyone and asked for the collaboration of everyone to bring forward the life and mission of the Circumscription in Australia. He then officially closed the Regional Assembly and invited everyone to the commissioning of the new Regional Government, in which the Superior General presided, and the signing by all the members of the new Action Plan for the Region.


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