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After the break, two other interventions followed: the Segretary General on the activities being done by the General Government and the Superior General on the methodology of the government.

Thursday, 17 November, opened with the Eucharist presided by Fr. Vincenzo Marras, Provincial Superior of Italia.  The day was dedicated to the informative "canonical" reports between the Circumscriptions and the General Government (Superior General); to the institutional information (Br. Giuseppe Galli); the publication of the "minutes" (Segretary General) and the functions of the "canonical, verification and fraternal visits".


Agenda Paolina

January 26, 2020

III del Tempo Ordinario (verde)
Is 8,23–9,3; Sal 26; 1Cor 1,10-13.17; Mt 4,12-23

January 26, 2020

* Nessun evento particolare.

January 26, 2020

SSP: D. Anselmo Viano (1996) • FSP: Sr. Francesca Masala (1980) - Sr. M. Tarcisia Marchisio (2014) • PD: Sr. M. Oliva Cattapan (1998) • ISF: Amabile Grando (1987) - Pietro Secchiaroli (2000) - Anna Accossu (2013).