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Ultime Notizie - Giappone


The Chapter sessions were held with great enthusiasm and with the active participation of all the nine Capitulars, even in the face of difficult problems related to membership, vocation and mission. The Capitulars, however, were not deterred at all to face the great challenges facing the Province with a sense of urgency and hopeful determination. In their programming phase, the Capitulars have made use extensively of the well documented reports of the different sectors of the Province, especially in the apostolate and administration. There was a constant reference to the Congregation’s normative documents (including the Final Documents of the IX General Chapter) and the Letter of the Superior General to the members of the Province.

The fourth day, in the first hours of the morning, was dedicated to the election of the four Councillors before proceeding again to programming. The result of the election: Br. Tokuda Takahito, elected as the first Councillor, followed by Br. Seiichi Oyama, then Fr. Osamu Tomura, and Br. Jiro Kojima.

The Provincial Chapter was officially closed at five-fifty in the afternoon, 4 November 2011, by the Provincial Superior in the Yotsuya community conference hall. At six in the evening, the newly-formed Provincial Government and together with the community members of both communities of Tokyo celebrated the Eucharistic Visit at the Wakaba community Chapel. The Vicar General gave his final exhortation and encouragement to the members of the Provincial Government and the rest of the members present. The thanksgiving speech of the Provincial Superior followed, after which a solemn benediction capped the Eucharistic Visit.


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