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The centre,  laid out on the first floor of the Media Complex within  an area of 2000 sq. meters, is the largest book centre of the Province and probably one of the largest in the congregation.   It provides religious books and articles to promote the faith and devotion of the people. Besides  it makes available a variety of gift items for various occasions. 'It is truly magnificent' exclaimed one of  our benefactors during his visit to the centre. This book centre had a humble begining almost 50 years ago in a corner of the then  community parlour  during the time  when  Fr Attilio Tempra was the Superior of the community.  

As we prepare ourselves to celebrate the Centenary of the Congregation, this Book Centre  will remain  a  tribute of love and fidelity to our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, and to  our pioneers who brought the seeds of the Pauline Charism to the Indian shores more than 75 years ago.  The Province is preparing itself  for yet  another blessing  and inauguration of yet another Book Centre on the ground floor of our  Media Complex  named 'TITLE WAVES', a Pauline Book Centre with a secular appearance to serve the people of all faiths and religions,  of different linguistic and cultural groups.


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