CG 2010 - Informazione Generale

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N ot many days separating us from our IX General Chapter, I am asked for a con-tribution about the General Chapter of 1957, participated in by the Primo Maestro, Fr. James Alberione (1884-1971), now blessed.

The things to be said would be so many. And, in order to start, I say that the Pri-mo Maestro has prepared himself with much prayer, with suffering and advice (e.g. His Eminence Mons. Larraona, Fr. Zanoni, Fr, Lamera, ecc.).

On 28 January 1957, in the meditation he has given to us priests in the chapel of the General House, he has reminded us: “During these days we shall sing at the end of the Visit and Eucharistic Benediction the hymn to the Divine Master to prepare us well for the General Chapter, and during the meditation we shall read some article of the Constitutions. We shall pray so that the Government of our Congregation may fall into good hands.”...

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