Korea: Sacerdotal and Diaconal Ordinations

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Ordinations 2013The priestly ordination of Fr. Jasun-Thomas Yong-Suk Kim, and diaconal ordination of Rev. Peter Seoung Hyun KANG took place within the Mass presided by Archbishop of dioceses of Seoul, Andrew Soo-Jung Yeom at Song-Chun Dong Catholic Church in Seoul on September, 5, 2013.

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Korea: Perpetual Professions of Br. Seung Hyun Kang Petro and Br. Yo Han Hwang John Daniel

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Perpetual ProfesisonOn April 25, 2013, during the Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Yeong Phil Sye Angelo, Regional Superior of Korea, Br. Seung Hyun Kang Petro and Br. Yo Han Hwang John Daniel made their perpetual profession at the SSP Song Jung Dong community. Pauline Family members, including the General Superior of the SGBP, participated. The PDDM choir enriched the liturgy. In his homily, Fr. Angelo expressed words of appreciation and encouragement to the newly perpetually professed.

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Korea: 50th Foundation Anniversary SSP

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celebrazione eucaristiaWithin the solemn mass, the 50th year anniversary of the foundation of the Society of St. Paul in Korea took place at the chapel of Daughters of St. Paul on June 30, 2012. At the same time we have anniversary ceremony for Br. Mario Mecenero who won the 60th anniversary and his 80th birthday and Br. Jeronemo Jae-young Sim who won the 25th anniversary. Pauline priests from Japan as well as priests-friends from the Archdiocese of Seoul joined in offering the Holy Eucharist. 

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Korea: Priestly and deaconate ordinations

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Ordinations KoreaT

The priestly ordination of Fr. Bonifatio Hyun-Ki Lee, and deaconate ordination of Br. Jasun-Thomas Yong-Suk Kim took place within the Mass presided by former bishop of dioceses of An-Dong, Rene Dupont, M.E.P at the church of the Daughters of St. Paul in Seoul on February 24, 2012.

In his homily, bishop Dupont stressed that ordination is not an event completed only at the ceremony but a process that needs be completed until we unite ourselves with the Lord on the Last Day.


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Korea: Blessing of New House in Jeju

Scritto da Fr. Ignazio Hwang, SSP on . Postato in Corea

Jeju KoreaOn 25 January 2011, the SSP in the Region of Corea officially opened a new house in Jeju, the capital city of  Jeju-do which is the only special autonomous province of South Korea situated and coterminuous with the country's biggest island. 

The opening began with a Eucharist celebration and blessing presided by Fr. Maggiorino An Seong, SSP Regional Superior.  A number of Pauline cooperators and priests of the Diocese participated in the celebration.

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