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Nomina: 26 luglio 2017
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The day's session began with a hymn invoking the blessings of God. After this the actuaries presented the minutes of the previous day. Fr Provincial then addressed the members and brought to their attention on the upcoming Xth General Chapter to be celebrated at Arricia, Italy, from January 25 to February 15, 2015. Fr Michael Raj then requested the assembly to express its opinion and the assembly unanimously gave its approval to go ahead with the proceedings in view of the General Chapter.

In the Second session, the Chapter members dispersed in groups to discuss on the theme of the Xth General Chapter and to finalize matters relating to the life and Mission of our Congregation. In the last session of the day, the assembly proceeded to elect the Delegates and their Substitutes for the General Chapter. Frs Jose Pottayil, Devasia Puthiyaparambil, Joseph Thenasseril and Joe Eruppakkatt were elected delegates of the Province and Frs Francis Dalmet, Paul Kottackal, Johnson Vattakunnel and Thomas Ramayil were elected their respective substitutes.
The Day's proceedings came to a close with the Visit to the Blessed Sacrament conducted by Fr Wilson and Team.


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