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At the end of the second day of the fair they met, together with Fr Ciro Monroy, President of CTIA, to review the fair to date, and share information about publishers visited and possible joint projects. Considerable discussion was given to ways of developing the biblical apostolate within CAP-ESW, including clarifying the rights status of various Bibles published in English by St Pauls.

Agenda Paulina

16 setembro 2019

Memoria dei Ss. Cornelio, papa, e Cipriano, vescovo, martiri (rosso)
1Tm 2,1-8; Sal 27; Lc 7,1-10

16 setembro 2019

* SJBP: 2007 a Modena, parr. S. Pio X (Italia).

16 setembro 2019

SSP: D. Fedele Molino (2006) - Fr. Susumu Uchino (2008) - D. Gabriele Amorth (2016) • FSP: Sr. M. Pia Faller (2013) - Sr. Lucia Imelda Berardi (2016) • PD: Sr. M. Emma Merlini (1991) • SJBP: Sr. Rosa Alfano (2017) • IGS: Mons. Vincenzo Iacono (1993) • IMSA: Nunzia Spanò (2017) • ISF: Crescenza Brindisi (2001).